10. August 2017

Allergy-Friendly Holiday: Interview with Julian Schmitz

The bags are packed and anticipation mounts as the holiday approaches. Everyone wants to spend some time relaxing, enjoying nature and culture, and having a great time. And people with allergies are no exception. ‘Allergy-friendly municipalities’ certified with the ECARF Seal of Quality for Products and Services can offer practical guidance when planning a vacation. … Read Article  

2. May 2017

New Managing Director: Interview with Sylvia Becker

Sylvia Becker has been the new managing director of the ECARF Institute the since the beginning of April 2017 and the director of the fundraising department of the non-profit ECARF Foundation. Becker has a degree in business and financial administration and considers her job at ECARF as the ideal opportunity to develop innovative strategies and … Read Article  

30. March 2017

Allergy App Review: Allergy Journal

We test allergy apps for you on smartphones and tablets. Allergy Journal is the second application in our review series. Allergy Journal is a food and symptom diary that helps users identify intolerances. Allergy Journal is currently only available in English. Overview of the app The app opens in entry mode, where the user can … Read Article  

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28. March 2017

Allergy App Review: The Pollen App

We test allergy apps for you on smartphones and tablets. The Pollen app is the first application in our review series. The Pollen app offers much more than just pollen forecasts. It allows users to log their symptoms. The app could make diagnosis and therapy easier. Overview of the App When the app is opened, … Read Article  

11. January 2017

We have a busy year ahead of us!

2016 was an exciting year for ECARF. For our new website, we did a lot of research, worked on a new design and spoke with many people. For our retirement home project, we toured Berlin and gathered information from caregivers and residents of retirement homes about optimal skincare for the elderly. We said goodbye to our volunteer Caro and welcomed Lara to the team. She will be with us until autumn. For more details, you can read our 2016 annual report, which will appear at the end of January.

12. December 2016

“My advice: Don’t be intimidated – say what you want and what you don’t want!”

Josefine Grünhagen, dietetic assistant at Allergie-Centrum-Charité A winter’s day in December at 2 p.m. The lift in the skin clinic at Berlin Charité opens with a quiet ping. I’ve arrived at the fifth floor and am now sitting in the office of Josefine Grünhagen. She is a dietetic assistant who counsels patients on allergy-related nutritional issues. Her mobile phone rings constantly in the pocket of her white coat as we talk. A doctor wants to know whether to go ahead with a provocation test. At the end of our conversation, one thing is especially clear: The job of dietetic assistant carries a lot of responsibility.

14. November 2016

Book Review: Hannes Hase (Hannes the Rabbit)

Many people feel left in the dark when newly confronted with an allergy. The symptoms come and go. Hay fever can be mistaken for a cold. Or the skin starts to itch and an external trigger is suspected. Hannes the Rabbit and the doctor go looking together for the triggers. His family and friends help him find creative solutions to avoid the allergens.

10. June 2016

Book Review: ‘Prinzessin Blubberbauch’ (‘Princess Rumblebelly’)

Children with allergies quickly come up against unforeseen, invisible barriers imposed by their own bodies. These barriers cannot be perceived by others. Many people feel as if they are at the whim of their bodies, misunderstood and sometimes alone. Children with allergies have to learn not only how to do without, but also how to deal with shame and isolation. They have to explain that their rash is not contagious and understand when others don’t really understand.