13. November 2017

How to Replace Dairy Products If You Have a Milk Protein Allergy – Tips and Recipes

Today I am going to tackle the subject of milk protein allergy with a brief explanation and some advice on how to replace dairy products. But first of all, it is important to know that if milk is causing digestive issues, this could be due to an intolerance to lactose, the sugar in milk. Lactose intolerance is not an allergy and requires a different treatment! Before you make any changes to your diet and impose any unnecessary restrictions, you should obtain a proper diagnosis from a doctor.

20. May 2016

10-Point Plan for Travelling on Business with Food Allergies

I am often asked questions about travel. And nearly as often, I realise that a lot of former travel enthusiasts have all but given up their favourite hobby after receiving their diagnosis or have restricted themselves to ‘safe areas’. It’s not rare for me to hear of someone passing up a career opportunity if it involves travel.

20. May 2016

Restaurants visits for people with allergies

Depending on the allergy or other dietary restrictions such as coeliac disease, histamine or fructose intolerance, there are a number of things to watch out for. It’s not always easy. But there’s no reason allergy sufferers can’t eat out like everyone else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be planned, but it does help to be prepared. This article shows you how you can make it work.

25. April 2016

Gluten-free yeast dough – get it right with these tips.

Learning to bake with gluten-free yeast dough is not always easy. But it can be done. This article explains the most important steps for successful baking and provides more information. The days are over when your yeast dough stayed in a lump at the bottom of the bowl and wouldn’t rise. Just follow these tips from now on and nothing should go wrong.

25. April 2016

Help! I have an egg intolerance. What now? How can I replace eggs?

Eggs are a common part of most diets. Chicken eggs are popular among young and old alike, and we have many different uses for them. So what should you do if chicken eggs are suddenly off the plan? Does it mean no more scrambled eggs at Sunday brunch? No more meatballs because they need to have egg as a binder? What about cheesecake? Questions, questions.