18. January 2019 in Interesting facts

Eczema in the Elderly Is Not Atopic Dermatitis

Inflammatory skin conditions not caused by bacteria or viruses can occur at any age. People 55 and older are most commonly affected. An international research team has now investigated the possibility of ‘elderly-onset atopic dermatitis’.

18. December 2018 in Interesting facts

Allergies during Advent

People with hay fever usually look forward to the colder months as the pollen season comes to an end and allergy symptoms subside. But the winter season brings its own share of allergens. Our Advent and Christmas traditions include many

26. September 2018 in Interesting facts

Ivy Helps Reduce Fine Dust

Building facades covered in ivy regulate the indoor climate while also filtering out fine dust particles, according to scientists in Cologne and Jülich, Germany.

12. September 2018 in Interesting facts

Non-Allergenic Laundry

The all-clear has been given for people with contact allergies: the preservative MIT from laundry detergents is undetectable in laundered textiles. For the first time, researchers investigate whether the substance leaves residues in laundry.

22. January 2018 in Interesting facts

Is It a Cold or an Allergy?

Whenever they feel run down and get a runny nose and scratchy throat during the winter, many people assume they have a cold. But allergic rhinitis can cause similar symptoms. How do you know which one it is?

4. January 2018 in Interesting facts

Majority of People Want Allergen Labelling

In Germany, 67 per cent of the population believe it is important to provide information about potential allergy-triggering ingredients on food packaging. This was the conclusion of the 2018 food report issued by the German Federal Ministry of Food and

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28. March 2017 in Interesting facts

Allergy App Review: The Pollen App

We test allergy apps for you on smartphones and tablets. The Pollen app is the first application in our review series. The Pollen app offers much more than just pollen forecasts. It allows users to log their symptoms. The app … More