26. April 2016
Games and reading material for children with food allergies

According to estimates, 4.2% of all children in Germany suffer from a food allergy. Food allergies impose major constraints on these children and, in many cases, a massive shift for the entire family. This is also because food allergies in young children are the most common cause of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a particularly severe type of allergic reaction that is accompanied by life-threatening symptoms such as circulatory collapse, vomiting and respiratory arrest. As a result, many children with food allergies live their lives in fear of eating the wrong thing.

We think it is time for a change. We want to move away from “You can’t have that!” to “You can have this!” We believe that if you have the knowledge you need to protect yourself, you can go about your life with a greater sense of freedom and self-confidence. It is our mission to ensure that the required knowledge gives rise to empowerment rather than fear, starting from our earliest years.

This is why we, together with graphic designers, doctors and children’s book authors, would like to develop games and learning material that allow children to become more familiar with allergens and safe foods in a playful way. Support this project and help children with allergies gain self-confidence while having fun!