In Germany, there is no standard mandatory disclosure requirement for non-profit organisations. For this reason, various actors from society and the sciences have developed a voluntary agreement on the initiative of Transparency International e.V. Within this agreement, ten fundamental points have been defined that non-profit organisations should make available to the public.

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) is committed to the goals of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. Here is information about the Foundation that it has provided voluntarily.

1. Name, address and founding year:

ECARF – European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation
Robert-Koch-Platz 7
10117 Berlin

Tel. +49 30 85 74 894 00
Fax +49 30 85 74 894 10

ECARF – European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation was formed out of the non-profit endowment fund European Centre for Allergy Research, founded in 2003.

2. Complete statute and purpose and goals of the foundation:


The purpose of the Foundation is to promote science and research in the field of allergology.

The goals of our work are:

  • To improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers in Europe and beyond
  • To transform society by increasing awareness about allergies
  • To transform medicine by promoting allergy research

3. Information on tax concessions:

ECARF Berlin is a legally responsible, non-profit foundation constituted under civil law, headquartered in Essen. Our work is exempt from corporate tax by virtue of the last notice of exemption issued by the Essen-South tax office (assessment district 002 / tax number 112/5950/4599) of 7 March 2014 according to Section 5 Paragraph 1 No. 9 KStG (Corporate Tax Act) and from trade tax according to Section 3 No. 6 of the GStG (Equality Act).

Foundation directory NRW – Az 21.13 – St 1502:

4. Names and titles of key decision-makers:

  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Zuberbier, Kleinmachnow (Chairman)
  • Mark Philip-Sorensen, London (Deputy Chair)
  • Bernhard Sommer, Berlin/Essen
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer, Berlin
  • Iris Spranger, Berlin

5. Activity report:

Activity report 2018 (pending)

Activity Report 2017 (pending)

Activity Report 2016

Activity Report 2015

6. Staff structure:

  • Full-time:
    None; the work is carried out by the foundation director and the employees of the wholly owned subsidiary on a voluntary basis.
  • Volunteers:
    An average of 15 on the Foundation committee, 7 in the branch office and 5 in project handling/public relations work, COO
  • Voluntary year of social service:
    The Foundation offers one position annually for the voluntary year of social service.

7. Source of funds:

See income/expenditure table below
The financing of the ECARF Foundation is based on several pillars and ensures the independence essential to our long-term commitment.

  • through private and institutional donations
  • through public project promotion
  • through the services of the wholly owned subsidiary ECARF Institute GmbH, whose income is allocated exclusively to the work of the Foundation.

Stifterverband monitors and approves the transparent and targeted use of our funds at all times.

8. Application of funds:

2018: pending

9. Corporate affiliations with third parties:

In order to clearly structure the business divisions of the Foundation and to facilitate grant selection by the grant authorities, the ECARF Institute GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation, was founded in 2011 for economic special purpose operations. All profits are allocated to the work of the Foundation.
The employees of the GmbH (limited company) are financed exclusively through the services rendered by the GmbH such as training, consulting services and project management. Moreover, the employees of the GmbH work for the Foundation on a voluntary basis.

10. Names of legal persons whose annual payments account for more than 10% of the total budget :


Income/expenditure 2015

2018: pending