22. March 2023 in Column

How are pollen forecasts made?

In Germany, almost one in seven adults suffers from a medically diagnosed allergy, with pollen being one of the most common triggers. A simple but effective treatment for pollen allergies is to reduce or avoid allergen contact. The pollen forecast […]

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20. May 2016 in Column

Restaurants visits for people with allergies

Depending on the allergy or other dietary restrictions such as coeliac disease, histamine or fructose intolerance, there are a number of things to watch out for. It’s not always easy. But there’s no reason allergy sufferers can’t eat out like

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27. January 2016 in Column

Help – I’m Going on a Date!

How much should I say? What should I keep to myself? Should we go out to eat, or is that not a good idea? Should I just tell all and get it over with? So many questions!

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