18. January 2022 in ECARF News

Gaming against asthma

Gaming inside a digital immune system: The strategy game Inflammania helps people understand the workings of asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

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15. December 2021 in ECARF News

Get started now: hyposensitisation

People with pollen allergies should begin allergen-specific immunotherapy in autumn – even at the end of autumn is not too late. This gives the body time to build up its defences for pollen season.

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23. November 2021 in ECARF News

Heating season is dust mite season

Once the heating season begins, the symptoms of people with house dust mite allergies become more severe. Drugs can help manage these symptoms – and so does keeping dust in the home to a minimum.

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Kuh melken
1. July 2021 in ECARF News

The One Health Concept

Cow’s milk can cause allergies, but raw milk protects against allergies. Why is that? People, animals, plants and the environment usually all come into play when an allergy develops. Allergology is teaming up with many other sciences to investigate these

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