Your personal occasion

Give the Gift of Health!

Birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries are all reasons to celebrate. But if you prefer not to receive gifts, you can easily combine the well wishes of your friends and family with a good deed. Celebrate in the spirit of giving – ask for donations instead of gifts and support us in helping chronically ill patients lead a better life.

Here are a few things for your wish list:

  • Confidence: The aim of our reading project is to give children with food allergies access to important information and broaden their perspectives.
  • Safety: One of our objectives this year is to acquire funding for an additional doctor at Allergie-Centrum-Charité.
  • Objectivity: Your donations allow us to remain independent, which is the only way we can conduct unbiased research and provide objective information.
  • New hope: Your support helps us move forward with our project for an atopic dermatitis clinic for young women and expectant mothers.

There are several ways you can manage your donation campaign:

  • Order a free ECARF donation boxand collect contributions at your party
  • Ask your guests to transfer their donations to the ECARF donation account
  • Or you can open an account yourself

To make sure everything runs smoothly, please let us know before you begin your donation campaign. We would be happy to send you brochures, project proposals or bank transfer forms for your guests. Then you can communicate your wishes when you send your invitations. Ask your guests to clearly indicate the reason for payment when making their transfer so that we know in whose name the donation is being made (e.g. ‘Clara Smith’s birthday’).

After your donation campaign is over, we will send you a list with the names of all the people who made a donation. If you send us the addresses of your guests, we can send out individual donation receipts. We can also send your guests a written thank you note in your name, if you wish. And of course we do not share any of these addresses with third parties, in compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr Cosima Scholz at +49 30 8574 894-04.