19. August 2018
ECARF – Allergy Seal for the new certification category Air purifiers

Allergens do not stop at the front door. Pollen, mould spores and bacteria can find their way into indoor areas despite precautions such as opening windows only in special times of the day or washing one’s hair before going to bed.

Air purifiers can remove allergens from the air indoors to a significant degree so that the symptoms experienced by people with hay fever or allergic asthma can be noticeably alleviated.

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) certifies allergy-friendly air purifiers that are able to achieve a measurable improvement in air quality for the given room size through normal everyday use.

The Criteria for allergyfriendly air purifiers underlie the assumption that less exposure to allergens is generally beneficial and depict the currently highest technical standards.

The ECARF Seal of Quality certifies air purifiers as allergy friendly if they are able to archive a significant reduction of airborne pollutants.



Thousands of certificates have already been awarded since the first Seal of Approval in 2006. The Allergy Seal is awarded by the ECARF Foundation.