5. June 2023
ECARF – Allergy Seal for the new certification category Building Materials

Copyright: Fotograf Christian Kretschmar

When it comes to building materials, it all depends on how the products are processed. That is why they need to be considered differently than, for example, cosmetics, detergents, or cleaning agents, because allergies can already be triggered in the professionals working with the products.

A special case are building materials in the broader sense such as wall paints, wallpapers or carpets, i.e. building materials that are used during renovation work, even while the space being renovated is occupied by residents. Particularly strict requirements apply in this case. The quality of indoor air and the choice of interior design materials play an important role in reducing allergic reactions and improving the quality of life of people with allergies.


RESOPAL HPL, RESOPAL Compact, RESOPAL Traceless Premium and RESOPAL SpaStyling have now been tested by the ECARF Foundation and certified as allergy-friendly. This makes RESOPAL the first manufacturer of HPL laminate panels offering ECARF-certified products.


RESOPAL panels therefore not only comply with VOC and formaldehyde emission standards, but also contribute to allergy-friendly indoor air quality. Any physical contact with the panels or touching the panel surfaces is safe for people with allergies.


Thousands of certificates have already been awarded since the first Seal of Approval in 2006. The Allergy Seal is awarded by the ECARF Foundation.