1. July 2019
ECARF – Allergy Seal for the new certification category food products

Allergies have many triggers. Common triggers are foods that may contain various allergens. For people with food allergies, it is therefore especially important that the product ingredients are listed in detail and that the legally imposed limits are observed.

Some people with allergies only have to avoid individual allergens, such as celery or milk. For these people, the food is ideally labelled as “free from” the particular allergen to which they react. Other people with allergies may have problems with several allergens at once. This is why they require comprehensive labelling of the ingredients on the product.

The ECARF Seal of Quality offers both allergy groups practical specifications on allergy-friendly foods, either with the label “free from” or according to “extended labelling” criteria. So knwo also the  Whole & Pure – oat bread with 30% oilseeds, no flour and no yeast, no additives and no acidifier, ready- baked.

While it is important to avoid allergenic substances in the food itself, it must also be ensured that the given foods have not been unintentionally exposed to allergens upstream in the production process.

The ECARF Seal of Quality certifies foods that are produced with proven, effective allergen management.


Thousands of certificates have already been awarded since the first Seal of Approval in 2006. The Allergy Seal is awarded by the ECARF Foundation.