1. June 2019
ECARF-Allergy Seal for the new certification category restaurants

Restaurant dining often poses a problem for allergy sufferers. The ingredients in dishes or products are often not listed, and ordering a food item of unknown composition means an increased risk of allergic reaction. This risk can be reduced if the kitchen keeps on hand a selection of special products suited to the needs of allergic persons, storing them under appropriate conditions and preparing them with care.


The ECARF Seal of Quality stands for this kind of care and precaution. In a catering atmosphere, the possibility of contact with allergens can never be completely eliminated, as the establishments are often reliant on food products purchased in bulk. Even before products are delivered, contamination with allergens may already have occurred during the storage or transportation process. The criteria below have been developed according to the needs of persons with food allergies, but also in reference to respiratory allergies, including sensitivity to allergens in interior air caused by the use of particular plants as table decoration or by animal hair.


The ECARF Seal of Quality indicates catering establishments that offer reliable options designed to meet the specific needs of allergy sufferers, just as Restaurant Ratskeller.