20. April 2020
ECARF-Allergy Seal for the new certification category wet wipes

Wet wipes, in rare cases, provoke allergic reactions due to the ingredients they contain, such as preservatives or fragrances. The ECARF Seal of Quality certifies wet wipes as allergy friendly if the manufacturer of the products is able to provide evidence of efficient quality management. This must include an analysis of the raw materials, the product composition, a product test on human subjects, and an effective complaint management system.


ECARF-certified wet wipes have demonstrated in scientific tests that they do not to cause side effects and there is no expected risk that a new allergy will develop through their use, just like with our latest seal bearer Alouette feuchte Toilettentücher Ultra Sensitiv 


However, despite meticulous product formulation and testing, allergic reactions cannot be completely ruled out in individual cases.


Thousands of certificates have already been awarded since the first Seal of Approval in 2006. The Allergy Seal is awarded by the ECARF Foundation.