8. May 2017
How to Plan a Trip with Allergies

Sunny days are fast approaching. You can get a lot done ahead of time by planning your summer travel. Have you thought of informing your hosts about your allergies? Our checklist will help you plan your trip.

Vacations are for relaxing, getting away from the daily grind, and experiencing nature and culture. We have put together a convenient checklist to help you be as prepared as possible for your trip and keep your concerns about your allergy to a minimum. Do you need mite-proof bedding? Do you have an intolerance to certain foods? Speak to your travel agent and host ahead of time. Allergies can vary widely. Provide your contact person as much information as possible about your allergy and your specific needs. This way you will have answered any questions before you arrive and prevent misunderstandings from happening in the first place.

Checklist: all the essentials

It is important to inform everyone who will be providing you with services and accommodations. Ideally you should not only tell them exactly which allergy you have, but you should also consider beforehand what kind of trip you want to take. Will you be accompanied by a travel guide? Are you going on a tour or will you stay in one place? Or will you be backpacking and booking all your accommodations and transport at your destination? Our checklist will remind you of all the essential points so that you don’t forget anything.

Vacation in the mountains or at the seaside

Do you have a pollen allergy? A trip to the mountains or the seaside might be right for you. If you know which type of pollen you are allergic to, it might be worth taking a trip to higher elevations or a windy coast during pollen season. The pollen count falls significantly at elevations above 2,000 meters. The North Sea and Baltic Sea islands and the Atlantic coast, where the wind mainly blows in from the sea, offer the ideal conditions for an allergy break. Some climatic health resorts in Germany have already been certified by ECARF and offer many allergy-friendly services in addition to superior air quality. You can find out more here.