23. July 2020
Allergy during vacation – 5 questions, 5 answers

Germany and the EU countries can be visited again despite Corona. The following tips will help you enjoy a relaxing holiday – even with allergies.

In the mountains, the pollen count decreases significantly from 1600 metres above sea level, and exposure to moulds and house dust mites is minimal.
  • Where is the best holiday destination for people with allergies?
    Unfortunately there is no such thing as “the” place, because every person with allergy or asthma has individual requirements. In general, the pollen count at the sea is low. But for people with allergies to house dust mites or moulds, a beach holiday is no pleasure – the humid sea air is a good breeding ground for both allergens. ECARF has compiled more detailed information on allergies during beach holidays.
    In the mountains, the pollen count decreases significantly from 1600 metres above sea level. In addition, exposure to mould and house dust mites is minimal.


  • How do I find the right accommodation?
    A number of hotels have adapted to people with allergies. This ranges from rooms with parquet flooring instead of carpet and smooth walls with as little dust-catching furniture as possible to kitchen staff who are familiar with food allergies and cook accordingly. In cooperation with Deutsche Heilbäderverband (DHV), ECARF has been certifying “allergy-friendly communities” since 2014. In these certified communities there are certified allergy-friendly accommodations and allergy-friendly restaurants and retail outlets.


  • Do I have everything important with me?
    The ECARF checklist helps you not to forget anything important.


  • How do I communicate my allergy abroad?
    Vlašský ořech? Or łupacz? For people with food allergies it remains important to be able to say in a foreign language exactly what they cannot tolerate. The translation of 130 allergy-causing foods is available on the Internet – clearly translated into 22 foreign languages. The European Consumer Centre Germany has ensured this with its Allergy Dictionary (In German).
    Vlašský ořech is, by the way, Czech and means walnut; łupacz is the Polish name for haddock.


  • When emergency treatment is necessary? Then it is worth having the EHIC with you. EHIC is the abbreviation for European Health Insurance Card. It entitles you to treatment by the public health system of the country in question – under the same conditions and at the same cost as those living in the country. The card is valid in all EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
    People with statutory health insurance do not normally need to apply for the card. If the EU logo is printed on the back of the insurance card, the normal insurance card is considered an EHIC.
    The EHIC is not a travel insurance; it does not cover private health care or repatriation costs.
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