2. March 2022
Asthma expert Jean Bousquet in talks with ECARF

The leading international guideline methodologist Prof. Jean Bousquet visits the ECARF Foundation for talks. In addition to asthma research, his research interests focus on the digital transformation of health and care, the mechanisms of allergies and the multimorbidity of allergic diseases.


New projects and ideas were discussed with our ECARF experts Prof. Torsten Zuberbier and Prof. Karl-Christian Bergmann to further expand care for people with allergies. As a non-profit foundation, we have made it our goal to improve the medical care for allergy sufferers, to promote allergy research and to communicate the complex topic of allergies in a way that is understandable for those affected and their environment. With ambassadors like Jean Bousquet from our high-profile network of leading allergists and dermatologists, we are well positioned to realise these goals.