18. January 2022 in ECARF News

Gaming against asthma

Gaming inside a digital immune system: The strategy game Inflammania helps people understand the workings of asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

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17. August 2021 in ECARF News

Plant + light = rash

Many plants contain substances that, when activated by the UV light of the summer sun, can cause severe skin irritation. The best-known example is giant hogweed, but other acanthus species have a similar effect.

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Kuh melken
1. July 2021 in ECARF News

The One Health Concept

Cow’s milk can cause allergies, but raw milk protects against allergies. Why is that? People, animals, plants and the environment usually all come into play when an allergy develops. Allergology is teaming up with many other sciences to investigate these

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Karotte wird in Behälter schockgefroren
23. October 2020 in ECARF News

Cooked carrots can trigger allergies

Allergies to raw carrots are common. But cooked carrots can also trigger allergies, as researchers in Bayreuth have recently discovered. People who are allergic to carrots should therefore avoid carrots altogether.

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Ein Smartphone, das in einer Halterung neben einem Autolenkrad befestigt ist zeigt ein durchgestrichenes Männchen. Darüber steht COVID-19.
3. June 2020 in ECARF News

COVID-19: Does pollution play a role?

Pollution causes disease. High levels of pollution may also be one of the reasons why more people are dying from the novel coronavirus in certain regions. A geoscientist from Halle has made this discovery.

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29. April 2016 in

Allergies – Facts and Figures

An allergy is an immune system error leading to chronic inflammation at the sites on the body that come into contact with the environment. Allergies are made worse by the living conditions in modern industrialised countries. We know today that

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