4. March 2020 in Interesting facts

Cold allergy is not an allergy

Some people develop a skin rash when exposed to cold temperatures. But it is not an allergy in the classical sense. Cold does not contain any allergens and the body therefore cannot develop antibodies against it.

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18. December 2018 in Interesting facts

Allergies during Christmas Time

People with hay fever usually look forward to the colder months as the pollen season comes to an end and allergy symptoms subside. But the winter season brings its own share of allergens. Our Advent and Christmas traditions include many

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12. September 2018 in Interesting facts

Non-Allergenic Laundry

The all-clear has been given for people with contact allergies: the preservative MIT from laundry detergents is undetectable in laundered textiles. For the first time, researchers investigate whether the substance leaves residues in laundry.

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18. December 2017 in Interview

Cold urticaria

Our skin reacts to the cold: rosy cheeks and goose bumps are visible signs of this reaction. But low temperatures can trigger extreme, unusual reactions in certain people. Their skin starts to swell and red, itchy hives appear. How does

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