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Whether you just discovered you have an allergy or have been living with it for months or years, we give you the support you need in your daily life in the section ‘Living in Good Health’. Our practical everyday tips, a monthly column, and delicious, low-allergen recipes will open up new perspectives and prove that life with allergies doesn’t have to be a maze full of dead ends. We show you what’s possible. Become a treasure hunter, a gourmet, a globetrotter or a connoisseur. Support your body with a healthy lifestyle adapted to your needs and stick to it, to the things that make your everyday life better!

Do you love cakes, but have an egg intolerance? Have a look through our articles. Our latest series of recipes is suitable for anyone who loves to eat and is looking for ways to prepare low-allergen meals.  The practical everyday tips provide you with useful information backed by research that will help you with any questions you might have about your allergy.

Keep in mind that the best tips are not a substitute for your doctor’s care. It is particularly important to consult your allergy specialist if you have chronic or severe symptoms.

26. November 2018

The controversy over baby wipes

What do baby wipes have to do with food allergies? Not much at first. But in spring 2018, headlines appeared claiming that ‘baby wipes cause food allergies.’ Although there is no proven connection, there are still good reasons to take care when using them on baby’s skin.

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17. October 2017

How can I prevent mould growth in my home?

Mould is a type of fungus that can pose a risk to human health when it grows indoors. Mould spores and fungal toxins can trigger allergy symptoms such as sneezing fits, runny nose, coughing, fatigue or gastrointestinal disorders. Mould spores grow on nearly all organic substances (food, books, clothing, wallpaper) if they carry enough moisture.

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9. August 2017

Can one be ‘allergic’ to mosquito bites?

For most people, mosquito bites are a harmless nuisance. But in certain individuals, large hives can develop on the skin where they have been bitten. Do these reactions indicate an allergy? ECARF spoke about this with Marcus Maurer, Professor of Dermatological Allergology at Charité Berlin.

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27. July 2017

What Do I Need to Know About Henna Tattoos?

Henna tattoos are a popular holiday souvenir that street artists draw onto people’s hands or feet. Since the colour fades after a few weeks and the application doesn’t hurt, they seem like a great alternative for children. But temporary body art does carry some risks – they can trigger allergic reactions.

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13. July 2017

What to Pack in a Travel Health Kit

Fever, diarrhoea, muscle strains – accidents or illnesses are not the first things that come to mind when planning a holiday. People with allergies need to be prepared so that they do not have to resort to inappropriate medications while abroad. Here are some tips for packing a travel health kit before you go.

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11. July 2017

My Child Has an Allergy – Tips for Starting School

Every child looks forward to the first day of school with excitement and anticipation. For parents, it is a time of ‘letting go’ as their children become more independent. This can be especially difficult when a child has severe allergies. But there are a number of things parents can do to make sure their child gets off to a good start at school.

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6. May 2017

How can I exercise if I have asthma?

Not only can asthmatics exercise, they actually should. Movement is the best respiratory therapy. Regular physical activity strengthens pulmonary function, improves endurance and the respiratory muscles, eases depression and helps you relax.

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7. November 2016

How Can I Safely Manage Allergens in the Kitchen?

When a member of the family becomes allergic to a certain food, the focus of the kitchen suddenly shifts from preparing delicious food to ensuring food safety. The overriding concern is to keep the allergen in question out of the kitchen. By doing so, a kind of safety zone can be created so that people with allergies can have peace of mind.

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24. October 2016

How can I make my own children’s make-up?

How can I make my own children’s make-up? Sheriff, cowboy, monster – kids love taking on different roles, trying things out and seeing what it’s like to be someone else. There are no limits to fancy dress ideas for Mardi Gras, but Halloween is all about scary costumes such as witches or goblins. Whether they […]

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